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The Chinese Blossoms

The Chinese Blossom Mural is dedicated to the seniors for the legacy they built here in Calgary, and across Canada. The Chinese Blossoms represents transition and new birth. The passing of the blossom branch in this mural is seen as a passing of traditions from the generations that arrived in Canada over a century ago to the youngest generations of Chinese here in Canada.



The Chinese Blossom

Since plum trees blossom in winter and early spring, it traditionally represents strength and courage. The blossoms here reflect the strength and perseverance that our Chinese ancestors had throughout the past century – an age of change, cross cultural struggles and bridging the gap with other cultures here in Calgary.



Vandalism and Rebirth 

On August 17th, 2010, an act of vandalism was inflicted on the mural.  The damage done to the mural was irreversible.



After less than three weeks, the artist agreed to repaint the mural on goodwill. The repainted mural focused on the Grandmother and granddaughter, emphasizing the message of love and affection in its own rebirth